Brian L Tierney

Drummer: Brian Tierney

Bio: Brian Tierney (aka: Brain Tyranny, aka ‘Stop Sign’) has been playing drums since age 16, starting with rock’n’roll, then punk rock, then everything from jazz to country to a Tom Jones cover band. He has played on almost every stage in San Francisco during the 30 years he lived there. His most successful band was Gargoyles, a popular 77-style punk band in the early 90s that released several records and CDs. The country band Big Mistake also did well, and has a great CD. He sometimes played a ‘bucket kit’ with band like Imperial Pints, and also played jazz standards with bands like Layette Prime Rib. The most recent CD he plays on is by The Unfortunate Bastard on Die Laughing Records (listen on Spotify)

Currently ‘Stop Sign’ is based in New Orleans, LA, and plays blues/rock/funk tunes regularly with Callie and the Midnight Funkbois, Danny Ray and the Electric Barrelhouse, and the John Krupa Project. Each of these bands typically plays 2-3 times/month on Frenchman Street or around town. He also a regular substitute drummer in several other NOLA bands such as Delta Funk. Contact Brian at for gigs or session work anytime!

Here are some of Brian’s more successful bands from the past:

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