The Mighty Vegetable Sled

One of the Chi-Chi Clubs most popular bands in 1988, and one of Miss Keiko's
favorite bands. "I really like those guys. I think they are cute", Miss Keiko was often
overheard saying.

Now, you too can hear why these guys were so popular.

If you are patient, listen to these near-CD quality MPEG3 versions:
    Tadpole      In to Much Too Soon         Blackmail    Evil     Telll Me  See No Evil    Rambo

The band broke up because no one could remember their name. Was it  Mighty Vegetable Sludge,
Mighty Vegetable Salad, Angry Carrot People, Tasty Vegetable Soup. No one quite got it right.
And then there was the shower incident with Paul....

Band Members:

Paul Spinrad: vocals
Neal Fujita: Guitar
Andy Day: Guitar
Karl Ochi: Bass
Brain Tyranny: Drums