Impressions from our trip to Central Europe

In August 2001, we took a trip to Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Vienna, and the Czech Republic. Here is a short travel diary, some photos, and a few random thoughts/impressions from the trip. (click on any image for a larger version)

Itinerary: flew from Geneva to Bucharest, Romania. Romania (7 days), Hungary (10 days), Slovakia (2 days), Vienna (Wien) ( 3 days), Czechia (7 days), overnight train back to Geneva. 

Impressions of Romania:

Budapest, Hungary

In Budapest, we were very lucky and were offered a very nice, large, 1 bedroom apartment near the center of town for about $40/night, so we decided to stay in Budapest the whole time and just make day trips to other parts of Hungary.

random impressions:

Bratislava, Slovakia:

Wien / Vienna:

Czech Republic / Prague:

Summary of Prague vs Vienna vs Budapest:  I found Prague the most interesting. It has the best music scene, and seemed like a very friendly, open city. Budapest seems to me to be a bit stuck in the past, trying to too hard to remind everyone of past glory. Vienna is very nice, and seems to have a good art/culture scene, both modern and classical, but is seems pretty conservative. All are worth a visit, and doing them all on the same trip, it is very interesting to compare them.