Photos of the Burning Man Festival

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Since 1992 I have spent many Labor Day weekends in the middle of Nevada at the Burning Man Festival. It's hard to describe what a cool event this is. Sorta Fillini meets Road Warrior meets Salvidor Dali at a Greatful Dead concert. Hard to picture? Here's some photos to give you an idea.

1992: We were there, but didn't bring a camera!

1993 Photos (one of the 1st Burning Man Web sites: On the web since 1993)

1994: Guess I forget to scan in the 1994 photos. Oh well...

1995 Photos

1996 Photos (and the year of our desert Wedding Ceremony , and the "Spurning Man" Camp .

1997 Photos: (I was too lazy to scan them, so go to the Burning Man site for photos.

1998 Photos (The Pure Putt Love Camp)

1999: (1st year of the Pure Love Project Theme Camp) (Sorry, no photos this year)

2000 and 2001: Didn't go these years, as we were living near Geneva, Switzerland.

2002 Photos: The Love Foggies and the year of "The Reef" art car

2003: Didn't make it this year

2004: Didn't go this year either

2005: Part of the "5 Foot Fan Club" camp in the BLD

2006: Took another year off

2007: Camped with Dan Das Mann and Karen Cusolito's Crude Awakening Camp (video)

2008-on: Stopped going. Burning Man has become too big and too techno me. Maybe again someday.

For more Burning Man info, go to the official Burning Man web site.

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